How to come back from maternity leave to family friendly jobs?

Working Mums in London

One of the biggest hurdles female workers have to face, compared to their male counterparts is maternity leave. While paternity leave is also on the rise, due to the biological pressure that having a baby poses on a woman, there's usually no way around maternity leave. And while more and more companies are providing better benefits, in some cases working mums in London and all over the world have to look for new jobs. Yet, there's a huge upside to this. With the rise of new software solutions and with technology making communication and connectivity far easier than ever before, working mums have the chance to come back from maternity leave to more family friendly jobs at a whim.

New Career Opportunities with Flexibility for Families

One of the biggest benefits that technology has provided us with is the ability to work from home on a flexible schedule. With the adoption of new software tools and the rise of new services, such as digital marketing, people are now able to make a living without ever stepping foot out for the door. This opportunity is beneficial for numerous experts. Yet, the most positive aspects is that it allows working mums and dads to be closer to their families to enjoy the little moments in life. Today, it's no longer a choice of whether to spend time with the family or work. Instead by working from home, you allow yourself to interact with your children as they grow up.

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Perfect for a number of Careers

It's obvious that not every career provides you with the opportunity of remote work. However, some of the most popular jobs in the UK today can easily be transitioned to a home-based working environment. In fact, with the huge adoption of flexibility in the UK, working mums in London are often provided with the opportunity to work on a better schedule that suits their current social needs. Project Managers, Bookkeepers, PAs and a whole lot of other careers can easily be catered to the needs of the individual employee, providing you with the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids, while also enjoying your work.

Refreshment Courses for Working Mums in London

One of the biggest downsides of maternity leave is the obvious lack of relevance. Having been out of the work space for numerous months and even years can make a person less competitive and employable. Thus, for working mums in London, it's best to show any potential employers that they are actually willing to go the extra mile in their careers. This often means taking an accreditation course or a refreshment course in the specific industry they are working in. By doing so, the individual will be able to express their willingness to be competitive and their dedication towards the work they do. While not necessarily a must, providing your current or potential employer with an updated resume can go a long way in helping you advance your career after a maternity leave. Make sure to learn more about refreshment courses for working mums in London right here.

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