Do gender specific roles still exist?

Male PAs

Gender equality and gender fluidity are two highly controversial topics in the socio-political space. Everyone from the CEO, down to the janitor have their own personal opinion on the topic and chances are you do as well. And we are in no way, shape or form here to discuss what is morally right or wrong, as both topics are just too complicated. However, what we can discuss is the topic of gender roles within different industry environments. Is there social stigma related to male PAs? Are there any female waste disposal workers? Let's discuss.

Social Stigma and Gender Roles within a Company

What's up with male PAs? Looking back in previous years, the predominant gender that has been taking positions from secretaries to personal assistants has been female. As aforementioned, the topic of why this is so is complicated and varies from biological factors to social constructs. However, what we are here to say is that today it's the perfect time for both genders to explore their career dreams.

Due to the overall positive nature in terms of the equality of both genders and the expression of the individual, one of the biggest benefits is that the potential social stigma that has been around in certain industries for gender-specific roles is no longer there. Thus, if for example you are female and want to work as as security officer, you won't have to go through the teasing that was considered normal just a few decades ago. The same stands true if you are a male and want to work as a PA. Today, it's easier than ever to pursue a career of your choice.

Male PAs

Personal Skillset Beats Gender

In pursuit of gender equality in the workspace a lot of modern companies are tackling different ways to go through the employment process so that decisions makers aren't aware of the specific gender or race of the individual. Today, more than ever, your actual skillset and resume are the two things that separate you from being hired or not.

With this in mind, one of the top priorities you should have in terms of pursuing the career of your dreams is actually building up your resume. This includes special accreditation courses, courses for refreshment of skills or for experience and much more. Having eligible education and certificate to your resume can help you stand out from the crowd.

The Potential Role of Biology in a Career Choice

Due to the controversial nature of the topic, more and more researches are trying to tackle the matter from a scientific standpoint. In fact, there are multiple studies that show that biology might have an actual role in your career choice. However, the fact of the matter is that from an employer perspective this doesn't matter in developed countries. Thus, if you want to pursue a career, and be Male PA or a Female Soldier, go ahead! No one is stopping you. Quite the opposite, everyone is cheering for you.

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