How do I get a Job in Finance in London?

As technology moves forward, there is an increased need for administrative, marketing-related and finance-related professionals. Nevertheless, due to the increased unemployment and the high remuneration that usually comes from such position, one would often be required to compete with dozens of respectable candidates. Thus, to be able to get one of the many lucrative finance jobs in London, a professional often needs to have higher education degree and prior experience in related field.

Finance Jobs Opportunities in London

There are two main opportunities for one to work in finances. The first and most obvious choice would be to seek a position in relevant financial institutions. The other opportunity comes from working as a finance expert in a private company or a startup. With the latter, you have much more flexibility in terms of the needed prior experience. Nevertheless, in both cases, you need to be marketable to be able to make your CV stand out.

Working in Financial Institutions

The usual education requirements for working in Financial Institutions in London is a higher education degree. In most cases, relevant bachelor's degree in a financial field is a must. In Financial Institutions you would have the chance to work in a variety of different positions according to your particular specialization. While the title of the job might be "Financial Manager" the variety of the different types of managers in such an area are numerous. For example, you might be in charge of loans or you might be in charge of mortgages and other financial services. Administrative and support staff in Financial Institutions are often required to have only a secondary education degree. They are usually responsible for customer service or office administration tasks. Nevertheless, proper accreditation, certification or experience in a financial field is required to be marketable as an potential employee.

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Finance Jobs in London in Private Companies

Things are relatively similar when it comes to private companies. However, when searching for jobs in London, you will also be able to note that in certain sectors experience and certification is far more valuable than a higher education degree. These include financial analyst positions and financial managers in certain industries. One of the biggest strengths of a potential employee is understanding the specific industry of the private company of choice. Nevertheless, there are also lower-tier positions such as financial support staff in bigger companies that usually have lower requirements and are a great step towards finding a better position in the financial field in London and the UK as a whole.

Positions in a Financial Field

Of course, you don't need to start on top of the latter. In fact, most financial managers have started as service agents or even administrative staff. Thus, you might want to look for finance jobs in London that are more close to your current experience. Administrative and support staff in financial institutions or in private companies in the finances sector is a great learning experience and can provide with decent remuneration.  Financial Services Agents and Analyst are also sought after positions. Want to find a job in the Finances field in London? Learn more here!

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