How To Change your Career when you are still confused about your ideal job

Changing Your Career

Are you stuck in job that is really not for you? Are you looking for a for a career change, however don’t know how to start?

Do you have issues holding you back:

·       I am working in a renowned company.

·       I may get a promotion.

·       I have a mortgage and cant risk anything

However, if you are unsatisfied and feel you can do better, you must consider the change. There are too many unhappy people in London that keep going for negative reasons and not for reasons that make them happy.

What you should know

There are three chief challenges, in case, you are caught in your career change -

1. You are the one who wants to make a change, however it is also you who is your major obstacle

You create obstacles in your way that stop you looking for a new job.

2. You can't figure it out by figuring it out

Trying to logically ascertain the next course of action will not necessarily wok for you.

3. You won't get a job by eyeing for one

The time I went to look for something different, my first call were recruitment consultants.

They eagerly discussed with me regarding roles with rivals or other posts in smaller organizations.

But, all of this was of no use.

All of it was the same. I desired to do something drastically unlike, and these people could not support.

You might have wasted hours going by job alerts or job sites, and simply got more depressed by finding that you lack the skills or experience which are required for the job. Or your experiences with the recruitment consultants might been similar to mine. Or you might have sent résumé/ CV to different companies, in anticipation that there might be something for you, and at least you will get an initial interview. But, with no luck!

Executive Assistant Jobs

All the above are the functions of a traditional job market, which is not intended for career changers.

The fault is not yours, and, you are not merely going to stand behind other people that have skills and experience in the diverse field, which you have an interest in.

What you should do

There are answers for every impossibility, however they are likely not what you think -

1. Do it with others, not alone

Inertia was the major challenge that I was confronted in my career change. Although, I desired to change, nevertheless I could not risk the job security that I had.

How To Change your Career

There were times, when I suddenly used to feel very excited, and wanted to do something for my career, after which there were times, when I would become comfortable in my 'life', and after several weeks or months, I would realize that nothing had changed.

I actually began to make advancement when I purposely got around other people.

I began talking to other people in my organization, who were also looking for an escape; I signed two career coaches; and I began to spend time with diverse kinds of people.

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