Personal Assistants and their Careers in Project Management

Personal Assistants

As a Personal Assistant, you may well see yourself as the professional equivalent of a Swiss army knife, the go-to person with the skills and knowledge to do what is needed, and to do it quickly and efficiently with the minimum of resources, after all...that’s what a good Personal Assistant does, right?

It is true of course. A successful PA and their wide-ranging skill set is vital, as from day to day you may be called on to perform your usual daily tasks, but part and parcel of the job is the occasional (or regular) curve ball; the time when you need to think on your feet, pre-empting problems and organising solutions before they happen.

Is it any real wonder that Personal Assistants are being asked to work in Project management more and more? Is it surprising that companies, organisations and businesses view experience as a successful PA as a genuine bonus for roles in Project Management?


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It isn’t a surprise at all, when you start to consider the wide range of valuable experience a PA has, that Swiss army knife mentality is just as valuable in Project Management, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

Different roles, similar skills

You’re not just a juggler, you are a juggling master, liaising, keeping track, chasing answers and keeping those who need to be; firmly in the loop. If your track record demonstrates you can do those things, often under pressure, then that is a massive bonus, and any Project Management company worthy of the name will want to meet you.

You know people and how to get the best from them

As a Personal Assistant, your interpersonal skills will inevitably be honed, and that means the professional relationships you have will be strong, just as they need to be. Whether that is booking flights, organising meetings or arranging diaries, you’ll be planning and implementing a multitude of things with a plethora of people, and again that will be music to the ears of any Project Management company.

Understanding managers

You’ll have experience of working closely with managers and executives; naturally you will know exactly how to nurture the most productive professional relationships with them. As a project manager you will be doing the same, but with a range of different companies and their management teams, that experience and that empathy and understanding you already possess of managers and executives is priceless.

Different roles, similar climates

A PA will not need any explanation of phrases such as ‘frenetic’ or ‘pressure’ as at times that is exactly the sort of climate they will work in, busy days, unexpected changes and the generally hectic professional lives of the managers and executives you have worked with will allow you to shine at such times. A project manager encounters very similar conditions, and it is equally important that they get the job done, if you can demonstrate success at handling this in the past, you have every chance in Project Management.

Personal Assistants and their Careers

Stepping up to Project Management represents a real opportunity for a successful PA, with much improved pay and career opportunities, and a real value placed on your past experience, it may just be the perfect career move.

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