10 Tips on effective and successful minute taking

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Writing minutes is the main skill for assistants, plus, over the years, we have possibly transcribed more than the novels written by Stephen King. A few years back, I had a job, which offered backing for twelve Committees, which had 4 meetings each year. This meant that every week I was in scripting a set of minutes. As one can picture, I got fairly decent at taking out minutes, short of much idea about them, nonetheless, it did not matter how simple I found the inscription, as, the minutes took too much time. Soon, I realized that understanding was needed to write a decent as well as inclusive set of minutes, besides, merely typing what was already written down, won’t make what I believed an agonizing chore any less difficult. So, all those who write minutes, don’t love it and take eternally to finish them. Below are the 10 tips to complete them, circulate as well as take them out, as soon as possible, whereas still generating a quality work.

  1. Keep in mind that minutes ought to cover only the three points mentioned below –
  • What was chosen
  • What was attained
  • What was settled upon, plus, activities for the participants
  1. The layout for your minutes ought to be constant, plus preferably you ought to be functioning from one template. In case, your firm lacks a branded template, you must recommend this to your superior, as well as project something for them, a plain word template will also be sufficient. It should have the following features -
  • Name of the Committee meeting
  • Location, time as well as date of the meeting
  • The apologies
  • Name of the minute taker
  • The attendees
  • Any other business
  • All the agenda items listed as well as highlighted with specifics on what was chosen, what was attained, plus, the action points to take onward (with the name of the individual accountable for the act).
  • Date of the subsequent meeting

Effective minute taking

  1. Even though the inducement is to quit entering the minutes to actually the last minute, I will not endorse it. Make an attempt to get the notes typed as quickly as conceivable, preferably by the subsequent day. Even though, you have turned proficient, when it comes to drafting minutes, you might still discover that you fail to recall particular parts of the meeting or you cannot actually decode what you actually meant while you wrote the notes. Moreover, in case, you make the minutes circulated swiftly, you will provide them with actions, a timely prompt to finish their work, this saves time, while, hurtling them, at the time the next meeting comes.
  2. As mentioned in tip 1, there are merely 3 chief areas of the discussion that you need to take in your minutes, therefore, make it a point to evade the chat as well as ‘he said’ discourse. Except if it is pertinent to the main agenda points keep this dialogue away from the minutes.
  3. As a minute taker, make an attempt to be neutral while typing the notes. In case, a dispute occurred at the meeting, it would not be essential to put this point in the minutes, however, in case, the chair person specifies that you ought to comprise this kind of detail, then it is recommended that you be unbiased in your tone.
  4. At times, I get the minutes, in which I will replicate the similar words again and again to pronounce the judgments made as well as actions decided, mainly when I am actually in no mood to transcribe them! Therefore, sometime back, I made a list of 50 verbs, which I could keep in the minutes, whenever required.
  5. This needs time, however, actually knowing what individuals are debating in the meeting gets writing of the minutes much easier. Make an attempt to go through the papers in advance, plus, have the grip with the facts. In case, there are stuffs that you don’t comprehend, go to the Committee Chair prior to the meeting, and clarify your doubts. In the meeting, listen to the discussion, plus, summarize the facts in the end. Listening will make the future meetings easier for you.
  6. In the 3rdperson, Past tense. It is the grammar to make use of, while writing the minutes. Also, I would suggest making use of initials, in place of full names, to be quick, however it is a choice and might not be appropriate for all businesses.
  7. In case, a paper or report has been distributed at the time of the meeting, there is no requirement to transcribe this aspect in the minutes. Merely write that the paper was considered by the Committee, plus any action points rising from the dialogue.
  8. After finishing, proofread your work. I have a tendency to to get the whole thing on the page as fast as conceivable, and, after this, go again after a day to tweak the sentence structure as well as wording. The minutes would perhaps be proofread by minimum of two other individuals, prior to them distributed, therefore, be ready to accept the fact that certain of your work will be altered in any case.




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