How to Recognise It Is the Best Time to Leave Your Job

Leave Your Job

Of course, everyone has a bad day at work. But, when your bad days become a normal occurrence, then it's not enough - you should probably start thinking about moving to something better and more rewarding. Indeed, people change careers often; you just need to be courageous to see it through.

You may leave your office swearing you will file a resignation letter now and then. But how do you know when to leave your job permanently or give it a second chance? First, you should follow your instincts. If you don't like your job, then you should look for a better job or start something you are passionate about. If you are on the fence, open your eyes to the feelings in your life which might point that it is time to change your career. Here are a few signs and symptoms that it's probably best to say goodbye to your work and seek greener pastures.

Boring working environment and culture

If you are after a flexible, home-like environment, but you are stuck at the traditional 10-hours job, you’ll probably never get satisfied of your career no matter how much you love other aspects of your job. If you try and fail to negotiate a better schedule for you, consider applying to other companies that are likely to accommodate your lifestyle. In fact, you can even decide to find a job in London in your niche with a better environment and culture.

Fed up with the nature and quality of the workplace

In case you are unhappy with the quality of the products and services offered by your employer, then you should probably quit your job. Indeed, this is because you cannot succeed or even thrive a tiny bit if you do not believe in what the business is doing or how they are doing it. You cannot thrive if you oppose what your boss stands for.

Feeling low and depressed every time you think about your job

Career progression is significant to many people especially for those who have plans for big things. However, this can be very frustrating if you find out that your job is leading you nowhere. Indeed, this leads to de-motivation, and it can be tough to turn around.

However, before you quit your job because you are de-motivated, ensure you have exhausted all possibilities. You should consider the fact that your boss is most certainly not a mind reader. They are usually caught up by their own goals to give attention to others, so you’ll need to have an honest conversation before leaving your job.

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Not wanting to do more than the minimum

Most people are frustrated when there are given projects that they are technically not responsible for completing. After all, you have your work, and you are having issues getting it done because of the extra work is thrown at you. In fact, if you find yourself in this situation, you should speak to your supervisors about the regular extra work on your table. If nothing changes, then it might be the right time you considered looking for a better job.

Why must you make the break?

Essential for your stress level - At times, the stress of your job can affect your health. If for instance, you find a job in London, but soon find out your job is giving you too much stress it is highly recommended that you quit immediately. Taking less responsibility makes you calm, reduce the headaches and colds you have been having due to too much work.

Essential for health - When we get stressed or tired, our immune system suffers. Stress can affect your health and wellbeing; from less severe conditions like the flu to more serious issues like digestive or respiratory problems. Taking time to look at yourself by eating well and exercising can reduce your health concerns.

Let's cut to the bone

On a daily basis, people are pushed by one or several factors to change careers. It can be quite daunting at first, but if you believe in your gut it is the right thing, don't be scared to go through with it. There is always a bright light down that tunnel. Furthermore, if you are confident that to change careers is the right path, then find a job or new career path that ultimately satisfies your financial, emotional, physical and family needs.

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