PA Jobs and maintaining a work life balance in London

Work life balance... Some of us have it, the rest of us wish we did. Get the balance right and you have a happy home life, combined with a successful and fulfilling career. Get it wrong and you risk struggling with both.

When it comes to balancing work and life, some jobs are easier than others, and a lot depends on how consuming your job might be. If you can walk out of your workplace at the right time, every day and just forget about work until the next time you’re there; then all well and good. If you are self-employed, or enjoy flexible working hours then also, that’s going to help a lot.

But let’s say you are a Personal Assistant, working in London, assisting an executive with her or his daily schedule? What if you need to be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week? Suddenly that work life balance seems to be an unattainable goal.

PAs maintaining a work life balance

London PA jobs can be all-consuming, and if you want that job where you stroll into the office and 9am then drop everything and head home at 5pm then realistically; you might need to look elsewhere. A London based PA, just the same as anywhere else, simply has to be available to their executive, regardless of time, regardless of time-zone, it comes with the job.

But there is a glimmer of hope for those with busy London PA jobs, and a few things to bear in mind. As a Personal Assistant you’re always going to be busy, and you’re always going to work long hours, however with a few mantras it is possible to make progress towards a happier and healthier work life balance.

Adopting a ‘No Nonsense’ approach

London PA jobs are exactly as the name implies; you are a Personal Assistant, to one person, not always to their colleagues and co-workers, who might well be able to do their own jobs themselves. Obviously a little discretion and tact are needed here, but don’t be afraid to say no to others, if you feel you can.

maintaining a work life balance

Prioritising your work

What needs to be done today? What might you be contacted about later, at home? Cover as many bases as you possibly can in order to leave the office with as few potential reasons to be contacted as possible. It takes efficiency and organisation, but mastering this skill will greatly improve a PA’s chances of a better work life balance, and people will admire your efficiency to boot!

Be smart

As time goes by, inevitably you will build up a deep rapport with your executive, they have routines, and ways they like things to be done, just the same as you, learn to combine them. Over time you will develop systems and ways of doing things that please you both, and those ways will be quicker and more efficient. Allowing you to pre-empt situations and what is required, long before they happen. Over time your work life balance will improve, and you’ll find your working smarter.

London PA jobs, much the same as PA jobs in all major cities, can challenge our idea of what good work-life balance means, but it isn’t an impossible goal. With a job that offers so much in terms of deep working relationships with top managers, and being the person who can get things done well, it is worth putting in the effort to ensure you also have time for yourself, and your family and friends, alongside a work life balance that makes you truly happy.

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