Why work in the Netherlands?

How to get an expat job in the Netherlands

Due to high unemployment rates and better work opportunities in other countries, people often look towards the west for a new career. In fact, for most EU residents, UK, Germany and Austria were topping the lists of desired expat job locations. However, with the UK now out of the EU and Germany being oversaturated with immigrant workers, Netherlands is becoming the better option for most. Overlooked by many, the country is one of the perfect spots to work in today. Wondering how to get an expat job in the Netherlands? Here are a few tips on that and a few notes on why the country is a great place for career growth.

What makes the Netherlands so Great for Work?

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries, both economically and as a standard of life, in the European Union. It's clean cities and liberal cosmopolitans are only a part of what makes the country so great. Unlike other EU members, the Netherlands are highly accepting towards immigrants and the population always accepts expats with a certain level of hospitality that can be seen only in this country. However, personal relations and a great way of life are only part of why the country is so great for people looking for career opportunities. Found in the wealthier part of the EU, Netherlands also has one of the busiest job markets offering a ton of future possibilities. You can find out about training to become an Executive Assistant in the Netherlands here.

How to get an expat job in the Netherlands

How to get work as an expat in the Netherlands?

If you are wondering about how to get an expat job in the Netherlands, you might be surprised to learn how easy it is. First and foremost, with the bigger part of the country speaking English, you will be ready for work by understanding the language. Of course, depending on the type of work you are going to apply for, you might be required to present a certificate that shows have enough knowledge of the language for work purposes, but this is not always the case. When it comes to documentation, people from the European Union and the European Economic Area are completely free to live and work in the country without any permits. This is also true for Croatian citizens, but they are required to register with the Dutch authorities and have a work permit for the first year. For any other country, the typical laws of a work and resident permits apply. You might want to head out to the official government website of the country for more details.

Working in the Netherlands Presents you with Dozens of New Career Opportunities

An EU founding member, the Netherlands is a country with rich history that has managed to intertwine its traditional values with a bustling economy of futuristic endeavours. With one of the highest GDPs in Europe, the country presents both its locals and foreign individual with a ton of career opportunities. With that in mind, if you are wondering how to get an expat job in the Netherlands, you should know that all you need to do is have the proper qualification, permits and drive and you'll be able to get towards your future career path of your dreams.

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