Project Management Jobs in London are popular choices

Why do people want to work in Project Management in the first place. The reasons are numerous. There are more and more Projects starting in the workplace. This is due to restructuring, new regulations, new products, office moves and development projects. Therefore, the industry is in a growth state. Additionally, there is the option for more flexible working schedules in Project work, with more time at home. There can also be higher salaries in project management.

However, getting into Project work is not easy. It will depend on your experience and qualification as to how best to get into Projects.


Experienced BAU workers

BAU refers to Business As Usual. If you are working for a normal line manager and have relevant experience and skills for Projects, you can make a move across. Project managers need insiders, to assist them on Projects. This is because they are often seen as outsiders and can get resistant to the change in their Projects. Hiring assistance from staff means that they can overcome these issues. This means it is attractive to hire internal staff from BAU. This is for their contacts and knowledge of how things work. You can seek official titles if possible, as it is better for developing a Project profile professionally. Project Assistant, Project Coordinators, Stage Manager and much more are available. This will depend on what is the most suitable for your level of seniority in the Project team and the nature of the role that you have attained.

Inexperienced workers

Inexperienced staff may struggle to get into hire level Project roles. Therefore, those with limited work experience can seek Project Assistant or Project Administration roles. You can gain experience of Project work this way and consider taking a Project qualification. The Project Assistant and Project Administrator roles will need you to take an introductory course in projects or a Project Assistant / Admin Course. The CPD Standards have providers who offers these qualifications. However, you can also look in the future to build up to a Project manager through the AGILE, Six Sigma or PRINCE2 qualifications.

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