What Microsoft Word Skills are needed for Legal Jobs?

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Sending out our resumes we often tend to include proficiency in MS Office as a technical skill, without truly being able to realize the potential of the software. In a world surrounded by technology, it's hard to meet a professional who hasn't opened or created an MS Word document. While being able to write down a few lines of text and format them is usually enough, in the legal world, experience with document editing software is crucial for the efficiency and quality of work. That being said, the MS Word skills for legal professionals not only extend beyond the simple functionality of the software, but are also a vital way of dealing with the everyday workload.

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The Top MS Word Skills for Legal Professionals you Should Be Familiar With

MS Word skills in the legal scene ensure that professionals will be able to do their jobs with the required quality, proficiency and efficiency needed in the industry. Even though, depending on one's position, different skills might be more or less useful, there are essentials every legal professional should be familiar.


Learning How to Type Fast in MS Word

Starting from the very essentials, a legal professional, such as a paralegal or a secretary, should be able to type at a faster speed. While this might sound silly, there are in fact multiple ways the typing speed in MS Word can be increased, varying from finger placement on the keyboard to wrist placement, keyboard build and more.

Using Simple Shortcuts to Deal with Operations, Functions and Formatting

Another tool presented by MS Word with which paralegals, secretaries and other legal professionals should be familiar with, are shortcuts. In fact, keyboard shortcuts, such as ones for copy-and-paste operations, easy formatting operations, such as bolding, and more, should be second nature for those working in the legal industry. Learning to implement the various shortcuts presented by MS Word will vastly improve the speed and efficiency with which a professional does their job.

Editing, Format Saving and More

Another essential part of the MS Word skills for legal professionals is the ability to perform advanced editing, formatting, saving and more. Being able to quickly scan a document, edit it in word, convert it to PDF and sent it out to your client, is an action often performed in the legal industry. While such actions often require knowledge of other software as well, MS Word is almost always at the core.

Advanced MS Word Skills for Legal Jobs and MS Word Training for Legal Professionals

While the aforementioned skills are definitely a step towards the right direction in becoming more efficient with document writing, editing and formatting, they are not the only Word skills for legal professionals one should be familiar with. Below you will find just a few examples of more advanced MS Word skills for legal PA work, paralegal and secretary work and more.

  • Finalizing a Document
  • Locking a Document
  • Style Implementation
  • Table of Contents
  • MS Word Templates
  • Table of Authorities
  • Advanced Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Author Changes
  • Document Tracking
  • Document Comparison
  • Form Filling
  • Editing Locking
  • Advanced Editing

Recognizing the advanced capabilities MS Word has to offer can vastly improve the quality of work and efficiency of most legal professionals. With that in mind, having MS Word training for legal professionals can be the right step forward in the legal career pursuit of many. As a whole, an array of MS Word Skills for Legal Professionals is not only a nice thing to include on your resume, but also an important part in being able to deliver quality and efficient work in the industry.

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