The Proper Way of Applying for Executive Assistant Jobs in London

Executive Assistant Jobs

Being able to stand out from the pile of CVs on the desk of your desired employer, when applying for executive assistant jobs in London, is a tough task. In the era of individualism, potential employees are all aware of the importance of putting one's best foot forward. At the same time, the pursuit of selling one's self as the best candidate often results in a structuralised pattern of repeating strategies. With that in mind, getting a PA Job in London might be an easy task, especially if you know the proper way towards applying for the position of an executive personal assistant.

Be Familiar with the Position

The first step towards sending a proper application for executive PA jobs is being familiar with the position itself. While most people have a general understanding of the duties of an executive PA, not all
The Difference between an Executive PA and a PA
Before applying for executive assistant jobs in London, you should have a general understanding of what the position is about. Both the Executive PA and a PA provide high-level administrative support. However, an executive PA is often responsible for additional duties, such as ones that can have a major effect on the profitability of a company.
FAQ from candidates applying for Executive PA Jobs in London
When on an interview for executive assistant job in London, you should avoid asking common questions. Here are a few quick answers to help you have a better grasp on the position of an executive personal assistant.

What's The Median Salary of Executive Assistant Jobs in London?

Do you need a bachelor's degree? What are the requirements?

The requirements for an EA vary from company to company. Most often, an EA is required to have some education in a related field, such as general business or field in the industry the company is in. Furthermore, prior administrative assistance experience is a plus. Nevertheless, such experience or education is not always a compulsory requirement.

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What are the main job duties of a PA?

The main job duties of an EA (and most PAs) are listed below.
  • Administrative Assistance and Support
  • Supervision and Training of Other Clerical Staff
  • Scheduling of the Personal and Professional Calendar of the Executive
  • Conduct Various Research
  • Provide other supportive administrative assistant

Expect the Different Obstacles a PA Faces in their Career

When applying for executive assistant jobs in London you should also be familiar with the different upcoming obstacles in the position. Often, an EA would be required to make a decision between multiple conflicting "urgent" meetings and decide on the importance of each one for the business, last minute business trips or holiday bookings for the executive are also not out of the question. Make sure you are prepared for the upcoming challenges in the position. This will further help you when writing your motivation letter and on the job interview itself.

Further Tips when Applying for Executive Assistant Jobs in London

One of the vital steps in getting a PA Job in London is to be able to correctly employ research, your personal brand image and further vision tactics when applying for executive assistant jobs in London.
  • Do Research on the Company and the Executive - Before writing your motivational letter, make sure to do proper research on the company and the executive. Understanding the personality behind your employer is of great importance, especially for an executive assistant job position.
  • Extend Your Personal Brand Image- Make sure all of your social media and online presence exemplifies your personal brand image and is in coherence with your CV. Companies nowadays do further research on the candidates online.
  • Employ Vision Tactics - By understanding the way your potential employer runs the company, you can successfully anticipate the way they will conduct the interview. Prepare yourself for different questions, trick questions and scenarios before heading in for the interview.
These are just some of the first steps and useful tips on how to get a PA Job in London. If you are interested in learning more about getting executive assistant jobs in London and want to check out some listings, make sure you do so here Executive PA Courses. We have the latest information, tips and listings on EA jobs in London and the UK.


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