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Financial management is at the core of every business, so the requirement for finance and accounting skills is always high across all sectors. Accounting roles deliver the opening for superior career opportunities.

Accounting is a speciality in the field of business sciences that deals with documenting of financial operations, sorting, grading and summarising them all, and presenting the information in various financial analyses and reports.  Accounting is closely linked to finance and is used within organisations to determine financial strength, cost effectiveness and profit.

Studying for any qualification requires a great deal of commitment, both in terms of funding and time, so you need to first ensure that your AAT course supplies you value for money. AAT short courses are an excellent investment in your career; they are globally recognised, highly valued and will provide you with the recognised qualifications and skills for employment and future career progression.

Short Courses Suitability

      For people working in finance and requiring  a basic understanding of bookkeeping, wanting to gain varied skills in finance to boost career prospects, those currently running a department or business, and requiring a basic knowledge of computerised and basic accounting

Course Content

The essential short AAT course will help you to recognise how cash availability is the primary indicator of business health, allows a business to survive and to prosper. You will also study how to create, monitor and control the cash flow budget and how to manage your credit suppliers and credit customers as well as their effect on cash flow.

What will you achieve by studying AAT?

·       Short AAT course qualification, new skills to enable you to find employment, a varied range of financial and business skills, place you on a recognised career path to study for higher AAT qualifications, AAT certificates are necessary for employment and recruitment in the financial industry and AAT Accounting Qualifications is a brand name that businesses trust. 

Fast Track AAT Courses London
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AAT credentials demonstrate to employers that you have the real world, practical skills, that they need. Our qualifications are developed in discussions with businesses, and they will equip you with the key financial abilities that modern companies are looking for.

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