How I got a Secretary Job in London after my divorce

In my 20s, I was a retail workers and I had also worked as a store assistant for a few years. I had not gained experience in the office. This meant that I was not able to earn a great wage through this period. I met a great guy in my mid twenties and we had a child together. After having had the child, I decided not to continue to be with him after our child's 4th birthday. We had real issues with our relationship and he had moved out. Shortly afterwards, he took a job away and I was left as a single mother.

Secretary Job London

What to do as a single mother with little work experience?

I had to get back into work, after having had my child I became a full-time mum to our child. This meant that I no longer had my job in retail. However, with more pressure and less time I had to find a great way to get more of an income than I had previously in retail.

I found out that there were some good wages in Secretarial work and decided to go back to school to study. I decided to get a course that I could complete quickly. To many wanted to do part-time, but I needed to get the course. I also needed to get out there and get my job.

After a lot of research, I opted to take a course in Central London. This was a good move for me.

Finding a Secretary Job in London

It is never easy to find a job as a Secretary when you are new to working in this field. This is because very few agencies want people without experience. I found that it was good job that I found an Accredited Secretarial course. CPD Accredited courses are ideal for someone that is looking to ensure that they get a proper course. This certainly helped as it gave me the edge over the opposition.

After I had completed my studies, I got a job. This was essential as it kept me able to make enough money and also build a job and career.

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