How do I get a Human Resources Assistant Job in London?

It is not that easy to just find a Human Resources Assistant Job in London. You will need skills and training to be a success in the field. There are two areas that need to be covered to be an HR Assistant. If you fail to gain skills in both of these areas you may not be able to find employment in an HR Assistant role. The areas you must have skills in are HR and Office Administration, which will include IT skills. These are now required by anyone looking for a Human Resources Assistant. So you should look to get the relevant training if you are looking for a Human Resources Assistant job. 
Human Resources Assistant Job

The knowledge of Admin will mean taking the training in Admin that is standard for the industry to cover office procedures, stock inventory, filing, emails, health and safety, using software and much more. These are the typical requirements of an Administration Assistant and you will need excellent skills in Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook.  Many places may prefer if you have a typing speed that will enable you to process work quickly. Once you have these Administration skills you can get an HR job in many companies.
Most Human Resources Assistants will have a basic understanding of HR procedure and this will mean that when you attend interviews you could be disadvantaged. So you should build Human Resources skills and take an introductory course. This will take you through all the main HR processes so that you understand the core of the area. This will mean covering recruitment and selection, performance management, strategy, interviewing, equal opportunities, diversity and so much more. This type of knowledge is easy to gain by research and if you have the money you should take a training program.

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