Human Resources Training in London – The HR Function

The Human Resources function has a wide range of responsibilities that it is now taking care of.
Here are some of the different functions:
  1. Employee Relations
  2. Training and Development / HRD
  3. Employee Reward
  4. Employee Resourcing
The HR function should be part of the business as much as any other part which has always been seen as an intrinsic part of the company.
  • The HR specialist function is one of several key management specialist disciplines.
  • The others are main functions are: finance and accountancy; marketing; operations; and IT.
  • Many areas of management can largely be left to specialists - for example marketing, finance.

The Role of HRM in the Company

Human Resources are looking to work with the business to achieve the goals of an organisation. It should be the case that HR is advisory partner. It should be an expert for its field. Its opinion should be sort after.
  • HR matters are different because most people in managerial positions will have responsibility for other employees
  • General managers are expected to manage aspects of HR as part of their role. This devolved role has been increasing
  • They may be involved with selection, training, payment, appraisal, discipline, or redundancy of staff
  • Expert support may be necessary from specialist HR staff, who will advise line managers, so the activities are shared

The Role of Human Resources Manager

The Manager of HR should be looking to coordinate the Human Resources function with the business and this means that they will need to be seeking to work together with managers. Any Manager of HR who tries to work without their managers, tries to impose their will on others or is not proactive will fail.
  • Thus, HRM is a both a responsibility of specialist human resource or ‘personnel’ managers and other managers within the organisation.
  • The effective management of the human assets of the organisation is now recognised as a key contribution to organisational performance.

Human Resources Training in London

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