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I am a South American with a degree in History achieved at a reputable university in my country. After university, I soon found employment with a large organisation. The salary and benefits were  excellent. After five years at the company, I was promoted to be part of the team visiting the overseas branches. I was travelling to such far flung places as Japan to Los Angeles. I enjoyed this very much as this gave me the opportunity to enhance my knowledge of history by visiting these countries.

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I was travelling on behalf of the company for five years when it merged with a larger organisation. The inevitable happened. The merger meant that they had to make a number of positions redundant and this was with the smaller company. They assured me that my job was safe because of my visits to the overseas partners. I continued travelling but now had to follow new rules. I was given a daily allowance which forced me to use the cheapest mode of travel which meant using the train instead of taxi or using a bus instead of the train. My allowance for meals was halved. I had to find a cheaper hotel which can sometimes be in a bad area or outside of the city. I found I often had to subsidise my allowance for my own safety. As expected, I began to dread an overseas travel.
After much deliberation, I resigned and decided to leave the country for UK. I had many friends and relatives there and I spoke a little English although not fluent by any means. It was not easy as I could not find that job I hoped to have because of my English, so I enrolled on an intensive English course. With my much improved English, I was offered jobs cleaning, in a coffee shop or behind the scenes in a hotel.  I took that option and became a barista. I studied the job market extensively and realised there is great demand for PAs so I planned my next move.
This move was to enrol on a PA or Secretary course. It had to be an intensive course and I also had to have the necessary soft skills as was often required. I already had a good speed at touch typing which I had started at secondary school and continued to develop over the years. Now I had to find that institution that can fulfil my needs.
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Within four months from the start of the course, I achieved a diploma. On the strength of this I applied at a number of companies and agencies. I had many interviews but I was always confident that I will find that job which I did.
After two years as a PA to a manager, I am now the PA to the CEO. This role needs my native language which is used extensively plus, of course, my proficient PA skills. I am travelling again, at my own expense, and discovering Europe. However, now it is as a tourist.
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