How Do I Become an Office Manager?

There is a mix of skills and experience that make up the ideal Office Manager. However, the education and work background of the Office Managers vary greatly. There no set formula to becoming a good Office Manager, some work up from an Admin Careers, other qualify through a course and others switch to this role after a career change. Therefore, the key is to understand the range of skills required to be a good Office Manager.
Excellent Administration Skills

An Office Manager is often looking after a team of Administrators who are in more junior roles. A sound understanding of the realities of their jobs is necessary to ensure that you can ensure that all runs smoothly. Many Office Managers still have significant amounts of their roles taken up with administrative tasks, so in this case absolute competence will be required to justify your higher position.
Good Interpersonal Skills
Office Managers have more senior positions, which will mean that they can act as a point of contact for the office and this will mean that you will need to build working relationships through using a mix of interpersonal skills.

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Good Communications Skills
You will need to be able to speak at many meetings as a manager, which means the ability to speak and listen well. Also, Office Managers will need to choose the correct mode of communication with their team, when they are managing others.

Managerial skills
Managerial skills are hard to master they require technical skills and a wide range of interpersonal, soft skills. You need to be able to empathise, influence, lead, working as a team, compromise and much more. This level of skill can be hard to learn. Nurturing these skills for the first time can be really hard for a new manager. This area is difficult for all managers and generally managerial training is ideal to ensure that you develop he right skill set.

Able to deal with change
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An Office Manager is responsible for ensuring that the office runs well, therefore, any unexpected issue must dealt with using pragmatism. There are many other skills required, organising and working to meet deadlines. Other key technical skills such as good typing speed and advanced skills in Microsoft Office programs are likely to be highly advantageous to anyone in this job. All of these skills and requirements vary according to the job that you are applying for. 
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