The future for Office Managers

In the last few years the job title “Office Manager” has become more widely used; in earlier days it was an informal role generally performed by a member of the senior administrative staff.
There are now formal courses and certifications available for this role and it is becoming recognised as a key role in the smooth running in organisations with anything from 8 staff upwards.  It can exist within a single business entity or within a department of on a single floor of a larger business.

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So what is the future for office managers as individuals?  What career path can there be beyond this role?
As stated above there are now courses available for this role and the better constructed courses will contain elements of management training as well as training for the more routine elements of the job.
The beauty of this is that you start to get formal ideas about how management generally works and then get to practice it on the job. 
The sort of training that you should consider should contain important administrative elements such as policies and procedures of organisations, business writing, organisational charts, budgeting and target setting, legislation, compliance etc.etc. It should also contain basic management theory training aswell as training in soft skills areas, management of time/prioritisation, delegation and team leadership etc.

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As you become adept at applying all the subtle soft skills such as conflict management, problem solving and decision making together with quality people skills, you will have the sort of skill base which will naturally entitle you to take your first formal management role.
You will, through example, have shown your qualities in this area so that senior management will have noticed your abilities. If you have been doing your job properly you will have been delegating to, and thereby training, those who report to you to a point that one of them may be able to step into your shoes, freeing you to move up the ladder.
The advantage of entering the management area of a company with grounding in administration and administrative management is that you have shop floor experience in the workings of the company and the industry sector within which it operates.
This can be a practical advantage as your career progresses as some managers will come from a more academic background and may lack the practical knowledge which is invariably useful in day to day activity.

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