What are good careers for School Leavers.

School leavers now have a real conundrum when they complete their A Levels or GCSEs, which is should I be looking to go to University. This is a fair point, in the past yearly fees started at £1000 per year and went onto £3000 per year, but now at £9000 per year they have to review whether they really need to go to University. The last thing you need is a £30000 loan and a degree that is not getting you into the graduate job that you desire. Therefore, many school leavers are considering whether they really want to go to University.
Now you can opt to go out and gain experience through work, but the level of qualification that a school leaver has will not allow you to progress to your full potential. Therefore, the government has developed some apprenticeship schemes that will help school leavers attain a qualification, whilst earning and gaining work experience. This is truly an excellent opportunity for many people in this situation.

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Companies have realised that there more school leavers in this position and are opening more school leaver programs, rather than graduate programs in an attempt to gain this talent. Therefore, you can look for a job with development opportunities as a school leaver now.
Finally, you can opt to seek training from private providers, these will not be the same as a bachelor from a university, but they will be professional training courses that will give you the skills you need to start a career. These courses are likely to be much shorter than University and subsequently much cheaper.
Some qualifications that could be popular include AAT or the ICB, if you would like to get a job in Finance or Accounting. Once you have completed these qualifications you may opt to continue to progress and gain another qualification in Accountancy. CILEx is popular for those of you who are looking for an entry level professional job in law firm, as it has options to continue studying through to the higher levels. Finally, you have private courses designed purely at working as an Administrator or Office Manager.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net and Author Stuart Miles

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