The Job Role of an Office Manager – ever changing and growing

The formal growth of the role of an office manager has grown greatly in recent years.
Historically, this role was a more of an informal position where the administration person filled the position and became a manager for other administrative staff. However, the role was often limited and ill defined.

The role has grown to become prominent in recent years and office manager positions now appear in most small to medium sized businesses as well as within each profit centre of larger organisations.

Consequently, there has been an increase in the amount of specialised training made available to these positions. This means that professionals in administrative position that are looking to get a formal office manager position need to consider bolstering the skill base.

Examples of areas that may need improved skills training are as follows:

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·         Book-keeping Course

·         Sage Computerised Accounting

·         Sage Payroll

·         Leadership and motivation skills; coaching

·         Negotiation

·         Communication skills

·         MS Office skills
·         A Comprehensive Office Manager Course

·         Project Management

Obviously the mandated job requirements of individual office manager positions vary and not all of these skills will be needed in every situation. The main office manager course is highly recommended as it will touch on a lot of the areas mentioned above and explain them in context. Following on from that more general course you can decide on which areas are more important to the actual role that you work in. You can then choose to supplement the course with more detailed specific training.

A key area of focus should be on leadership training. This is because many new Office Managers are new to leading others and the responsibility that comes with this aspect. Some people have a natural tendency to lead and provide a role model for others; however newly appointed managers will require a level of guidance and new skills to cope with the new leadership role that they have acquired.

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The degree to which finance is important also needs careful consideration. Many roles require management and setting of your office's budget and this requires bookkeeping and accounting. 

This will mean a foundation in bookkeeping will be necessary and possibly even looking at high level accountancy.

Project Management is a new area that many Office Managers require a knowledge of, because organisation are constantly changing through new projects. The seniority of the role will ensure that you are involved and even running many projects in your role.

Microsoft Office Training is essential as you will need to have an excellent grasp of all the programmes. In particular, you need to ensure that the programmes that you will use extensively, you have attained a highly proficient standard.

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