Career Change: Secretary to Office Manager

My Early Career

I started work in Administration of a medium sized company. The atmosphere was busy and efficient with junior and senior mingling nicely. My high typing speed and accuracy were noticed and I was promoted to the secretarial pool. I enjoyed this new role as it was challenging and the rest of the team was good fun; we went out for dinner once a month. During this time, I often had to relieve one of the 4 PAs whenever they were away, whether on holiday or sick.

After three years in this job, one of the PAs left as her husband was transferred abroad so I applied for the position and secured the role. I was delighted with this move as it meant a healthy pay rise, but it meant that I no longer had the comfort of the team. The role was more demanding and my boss was meticulous with presentation with which I had no difficulty. I soon settled in the job and established an excellent working relationship with him.

My last role was a disaster

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I was in this role for four years when one of the two EAs had to resign because of health problems. I was asked to take over this role but with no pay rise. I was disappointed with this, but decided to take the job for the experience. My new boss was very difficult and made it quite clear that he would not have selected me for the role. His EA had a very antiquated of handling the work as she would keep a record of every letter, memo, fax or email sent out in a note book; this will include the date and time. He insisted that I kept the same practise and would often check that it was being carried out. With audio transcription, he would often change words several times which meant amending and printing numerous times. He would refer to me as his PA and never EA. Also, he had bad days when the slightest thing would annoy him and he would shout and swear. I kept out of his way on those days. At first I worked hard to get on with him but after a time, I found that I was creeping around the office; very much like walking on thin ice. As expected, I began to dread going to work. Is this the reason the previous EA left? I knew I had to look after myself. So after sixteen years with the company, I know I have to leave.

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After much thought, I decided to have a changed of career and on checking the job market, I decided to go for the Office Manager role. The pay is good and you will not have to be at someone’s beck and call. I researched thoroughly and found a college that provided just what I needed at this time. I took an Office Manager Training Course and at the same time, I topped up my IT skills by taking Advanced level in Word, Excel, Outlook, Access and PowerPoint. Today, I am working out my notice and look forward to starting a new career in two week’s time.

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