Jobseekers: Do not lie on your CV

Most people have areas of their CV which they are not happy with, but it is important that you are not tempted to lie about them. If you are caught lying on your CV, it could damage your professional reputation and cause you to lose the current job application. Furthermore, recruitment agents will not be keen to work with you again. This is because they cannot risk sending out a dubious candidate to their clients, as it will appear that the recruitment agents have not been vetting candidates sufficiently.

What are the chances of being caught

This is the key issue for anyone who is lying on their CV. Employers and agents can do extensive background checks, in order to verify the details on your CV. This has become a whole industry in itself and the thoroughness of the process is severe. Now the chances of them discovering that you have lied are quite high.
Why do we decide to lie? Well that is easy and I think we all understand why we would lie about our experience and skills. If we feel that there are weaknesses in our CV, we may decide to embellish the truth, with a little lie, or even give a big lie.

There are some common things that people lie about. One is the dates of their previous employment or education. Many people try to extend their dates to fill in any gaps of unemployment. Background check for work references will always ask your employers to confirm your dates of employment. Also, do not say things like you are travelling to fill in gaps, if you were not travelling. Employers check this by going through the stamps in your passport or asking for verified travel documents.

Lying about your job titles and level of education is also common. However, educational institutions will confirm your subjects taken and grades achieved. Meanwhile, Human Resources at your previous employers have to confirm what your job title was at your previous job.

These checks and the cooperation of employers, universities and schools have made it impossible to lie on your CV.

Dangers when caught out

If you are caught out by a background check, this can leave you blacklisted by the recruiter and the potential employer. This could cost you a dream job and often the lies on your CV were not important for your job application.

I have a lot of professional experience of hiring people and this is one issue that is sadly commonly witnessed. I am now the trainer of Office Manager Courses in London.

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